Beverley Westwood from the air...

I haven't posted on my blog for quite a while. I've been concentrating on posting directly to Facebook and trying to grow exposure for my photography. But recently I purchased some equipment to broaden my artistic horizon a little - a drone!

And here's my first video. It's of the old mill on Beverley Westwood and as it's a first attempt at taking and editing video I've kept it pretty short. I've included at the end of the video the sunset image of the mill I posted on Facebook yesterday. You can play the video on this page or hit "YouTube" on the bottom right of the video once it starts playing to have it play directly in YouTube. And if you play directly on this page, you're better clicking on the little cog (bottom right) and choosing one of the HD formats for better quality.

I hope you like the footage. It's early days, but I hope to post more videos as I get more knowledgeable and experienced at flying, videoing and editing. There's a lot to learn!