Wordsworth Country #6...

This is the valley road from Buttermere towards Keswick, with Grisedale Pike in the distance.

Being in the Lake District in March, there are not many other tourists about. In the summer, this road would have been full of cars. As it was, there was, there was hardly anybody else at this, the highest point of the pass, next to the Moss Force waterfall.

I was hoping to get some pictures of the waterfall, but, as can be the case in these parts, the weather changed almost in an instant and the clouds, mist and rain descended just after taking these images. I must admit, I did feel for the two cyclists that had passed me a few minutes earlier as they would have been caught in it on their way down to Buttermere. One was on an electric bicycle, but the other guy, probably about my age, had cycled all the way up this road - and it's quite steep in parts - using nothing but leg power. As a fellow road cyclist I could appreciate the effort, and I did applaud him as he passed me!

My journey around Wordsworth Country (the Lake District) is almost over, but there is one more image that I'll post in a day or two to round the visit off. If you've enjoyed these images, you can find them and more landscape, seascape, urban, architecture and other types of images on my website at grahamsouthard.com.