The Humber Bridge...

Although I've posted blogs with images of the Humber Bridge before, with such an iconic structure only a few miles from home it's difficult to ignore. This time, I thought processing the images in black and white would provide an interesting contrast to the usual enhanced colour varieties.

Black and white (or monochrome) images require a somewhat different mindset when processing. Gone are the attractions and eye-catching elements of colour. 256 shades of grey, from pure white through to pure black, is the sum total of the 'colour' range, so light, texture and composition play a more important role in grabbing the viewers' attention and directing their eye.

The more I work in black and white, the more I like the clarity of thought that it can bring to the creation of a final image (although the processing can be more prolonged than the colour version). I hope these two images have done that process justice.