The Next Train Arriving...

Steam locomotive

... is from my childhood! This is The Waverley, a 70000 Britannia, BR Class 7 steam locomotive originally built in 1951 and still in use today. I had a working replica of this train as a child on a model railway setup by my Dad. Steam came out of the stack when it ran round the tracks and it gave me many hours of pleasure.

This image was taken at Grosmont in North Yorkshire, when the locomotive was being used on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. I remember travelling on a few steam trains when I was small, and although I've seen them in museums, I'd not seen a working one for a long while. The presence they have is immense, and the engineering is fantastic. With the advent of diesel engines, and even more so today with the requirements of drag reduction, the workings are well hidden away. But not these locomotives - a wonderful blend of 20th century engineering and art. And that smell of the burning coal and the oil and the steam, and the sight of this particular locomotive, brought back memories of childhood and of a bygone age.