The Circle of Life...

Earlier this week we buried my Mum. Confined to bed for the last 5 months and with many years of lack of mobility and pain, and reliant on the others for her care and all her daily needs, the peaceful end was a release for her. But whilst we're thankful that she is at peace, reunited with her beloved Ken and at peace with her Lord, the void left when you lose your parents is something only time will heal.

And yet life continues, and the gathering of the family for the funeral reminds you of that - the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, together to remember. As one generation passes, the next comes along, as it always has and will continue to do so.

The rose bush in our garden is in full bloom. Dad always grew roses and Mum loved them as well, so I took this image as a remembrance of them, of their life and their love for their family.