And the cycle continues...

Well, the blossom on the weeping cheery tree in our garden finally decided to put in an appearance. Spring must definitely be here! It's taken its time, though. Most of the other trees in the area started blossoming two weeks ago. But still, it's a welcome sight, with its varying shades of pink flowers and pale green and yellow leaves. And yet, just as with the other trees I've seen, the carpet of pink around the base of the tree will start to grow as the blossom falls to the ground and within a couple of weeks it will be gone, to be replaced on the tree by large, lush foliage.

And as I took this photo today, and watched the blossom sway on the branch in the light breeze, I was reminded that every year we look forward to the spring. The cold and dark of the winter is replaced by light and growth as nature throws off its overcoat and greets the sunlight with a riot of colour and beauty that enable the plants and trees to store up enough energy through the summer to ensure they'll still be there after the autumn and winter and able to grow again.

And so the cycle continues.