For Whom the Bell Tolls...

Bell ringing practice

On an evening walk earlier this week around a local village, the church bells started ringing. Originally built by the Normans over 900 years ago, the church is the stand-out feature of the village. On entering inside, the rope room could be seen through the arched window. It's not that usual to see the actual ringing taking place - they're often hidden well away! But in this church they're on full view. There is something about church bells. They are used at times of celebration and of mourning, and they remind us of the time. Here, it was practice night, but to my ear even the sound of practising was music. I have to say the sound is very loud when you're close, but music, nonetheless.

The light, as usual in a church, was not too good and with no tripod with me I had to improvise. So this image is a three-bracket shot (one underexposed, one normal exposure and one overexposed) shot in continuous high speed shutter mode to reduce the movement, merged together to bring out all the details, even in the window in the external wall.

And here's another image from the same church - a beautiful stained glass window. Looking at the exquisite detail, it makes me wonder if such amazing workmanship could be recreated today.