Positions, everyone...

Catrigg Force, Stainforth, Yorkshire Dales

It's all about positions, isn't it? Getting in the right position to carry out what you want to do in order to get the best effect? It might be the correct positions of the fingers to play an instrument; or the correct position of the body in a dance routine; or the correct coordination of hand and eye to play a golf or tennis shot; or putting the hand and foot in the correct position for that next section of a mountain climb; or putting the scalpel in the correct position for a medical incision.

Or, in this, rather mundane case, getting in the right position to take the image I wanted to get. Whatever it is you're trying to do, getting in the right or best position pays dividends.

Ask my family - they'll tell you that I'm not one for the easy shot when it comes to taking photographs. If there's a more difficult shot to take - I'll want to take it. So risking life and limb clambering over wet rocks, through flowing water or down steep gulleys to get the shot I want is pretty normal. And that was the case with this image. Taking it from the safety (and dryness!) of the bank would have been a lot easier - but then it wouldn't have been this image. And it's that desire to keep getting into the right position, whatever the discipline, that keep us moving forward.  Hopefully, in this case at least, it was worth the effort!