Out On The Wiley, Windy Moors...

Some of you will recognise the opening lyrics from Kate Bush's debut 1978 single, Wuthering Heights, and they seemed very apt for this scene.  The song was based on Emily Bronte's novel of the same name, the locations of which were based in the very area in which this image was taken.

The view is from the hills on the outskirts of Slaithwaite (locally pronounced Slawit) in West Yorkshire, seen in the Colne Valley below. After driving through the Moors on a bright and breezy spring day to see some friends, the sky suddenly turned and the clouds rolled in, depositing a fair amount of hailstones and, a little further down the valley, an inch or two of snow. And almost as soon as they were there, the clouds were gone and the blue sky returned.  A salutary reminder that, particularly in exposed places, the weather can turn very quickly.

This image was produced from three bracketed exposures, merged together to bring out the detail and severity of the clouds whilst retaining the brightness of the beautifully sunlit foreground.