And the Award goes to...

Cauldron Falls, Yorkshire Dales

This week I entered my first art and photography exhibition, situated in the local community centre. Three exhibits per person were allowed, so I eagerly ordered my framed prints of what I considered to be good, and hopefully sellable, images.  Sadly, one of the prints, a black and white image of a local bridge, turned up looking more sepia in parts, with a fair amount of the print covered in an orange cast. But with no time to get it fixed, into the exhibition it went, with the other two I'd chosen.

There were over a hundred exhibits, split about 50/50 between photographs and various forms of artwork, with quite a few very good exhibits by children. Unfortunately, none of my three sold, and I understand there were only about 6 sales in total, but we'd chosen images that we would like to hang around the house if they didn't sell, so all's good.

And, amazingly - fanfare and drum roll - one of mine was voted for as the best photograph! The image was of Cauldron Falls, at West Burton in the Yorkshire Dales.  It was taken using an ND filter and was a 15 second exposure at f/11 to smooth out the water. And I received this lovely glass trophy.

No doubt it's all downhill from here!

Trophy - most voted for photograph

For the history buffs amongst you, "Petuaria", the name on the trophy, is the name the Romans gave to the area when they settled here. In 70 AD a fort was constructed which lasted until 125 AD (see Wikipedia). The community centre bears the local Roman name, as does a local bus service (the Petuaria Express), the local road cycling club and a number of other ventures.