Where's Friar Tuck?

Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales

To be honest, the weather was a bit dull that day. We were hoping for a nicer weekend, given that we were taking time out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But we had arranged to go to the Yorkshire Dales, a beautiful, rugged part of the country, to do some walking and photography. (Well, the photography was my activity, during which my long-suffering wife would watch me scramble and climb over rocks and streams and get into precarious situations which I hoped would give me the photo I was looking for without falling and breaking a leg or getting a soaking - or even smashing my camera or lens against a rock!  And most of the photos taken during the weekend would have been far more difficult to get if she had not been there to help).

So this is Aysgarth Falls, and the movie buffs amongst you will know that this is where scenes from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves were filmed (1991), with Kevin Costner (as Robin Hood) ending up in these very waters during a fight with Friar Tuck, and even the great Morgan Freeman getting a little wet.  Was that really 25 years ago??!!!

On the technical side, this is a panorama of three 8-second exposures taken with an ND filter, stitched together, with processing to bring out some of the colours that looked a little drab in the overcast conditions.  I hope you like it.