A different corner...

I was experimenting with some different photography methods recently, one being ICM - intentional camera movement. Now, while the camera movement may be intentional, the results can be quite unexpected and necessitate several attempts to find those that 'work'.

I find it's best not to go into such an experiment with too much of a fixed idea of what you want out of it.  Let the ideas flow, and the results may be surprising.

The two images below were taken of the same bunch of tulips, one week apart. The first was created by keeping the camera still but zooming out the lens during the 2-second exposure. The rather tight bunch of tulips, with the flowers just starting to open, helped to create the centre of the image, whilst the zooming lens actions created the outer parts. The second image was created by moving the camera in a small circular motion about the central axis during the 1-second exposure.  And the tight bunch had bloomed into a beautiful bouquet, with the circular camera motion creating the soft-edged, overlapping effect.

I guess not every image has to be tack sharp!