A bridge too far...

I used to travel this bridge every day. I used to wait in my car in line, stop at the toll booths to hand over my ticket before travelling across to the other side of the river - in the morning to work and in the evening to home. It was a journey I did for 30 years.

Before the Humber Bridge was opened in 1985, a paddle steamer would take the 20 minute journey across the river.  To me, the engine on the steamer was a wonder of engineering, all brass and power and the smell of oil. Never mind that occasionally it would get stuck on a mud bank in the middle of the river because of a low tide, it was, in retrospect, an adventure - one that had been nurtured in me when travelling on it at an early age with my family. But the bridge was, and still is, a marvel of engineering in its own right.

When opened, it superseded the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world.

My travels over it now are more restricted to running and cycling.  But the wind from the west can be a bit much!

The Humber Bridge