London Calling #2...

Following on from my last blog and the image of the "Walkie Talkie" building, here's the view from the South Bank of the Thames. The other tall buildings in the shot are, on the left, the "Cheese Grater", more formally known as 122 Leadenhall Street. At 225 metres (737 feet) it is the tallest of the three. The building in the middle is the "Gherkin", also known as 30 St. Mary Axe.

I love that the buildings have acquired alternative and interesting names. I think it says something about British humour!

An interesting fact about the Walkie Talkie building: During construction, it was found that because of the concave nature of the front aspect, at certain times of the day the sun was reflected from the glass windows with such intensity towards the ground that at least one parked car suffered actual melting of the bodywork. Spot temperatures on the ground of 91 Celsius were recorded! Newspapers renamed the tower the Fryscraper, as one reporter actually fried an egg in a pan placed on the ground under the reflected sunlight. Subsequently, non-reflective film was used to reduce the problem.

The second image is the iconic Tower Bridge, also taken from the South Bank, and shows the Cheese Grater building between the towers.