London Calling...

In early October I went to London to do a days' photography with a friend over from America, and over the next few blogs I'm going to post some of the images I took that day.

I've been processing many of them into black and white versions as I feel it can add more drama and impact to the image, although there may well still be some colour ones among the posts.

Today, the first image shows two buildings on the south side of Westminster Bridge - the Park Plaza hotel on the left, and a new building, Urbanest, on the right, which is student accommodation and was opened in September.

The second image shows the "Walkie Talkie" building, more formally known as 20 Fenchurch Street. I love the shape of this building. At 38 storeys (525 feet) high it stands out from the surrounding buildings, particularly when viewed from the South Bank, and the exterior doesn't seem to have a straight edge anywhere. And compared to other tall buildings which often narrow towards the top, this splays out as it rises, so the top of the building has a larger area than the ground footprint. Wonderful design.