When The Moon Hits Your Eye...

No doubt you've seen lots of images of the 'supermoon' over the last couple of days - when the moon was full and at perigee, the closest point to the earth during its orbit. On the day, moonrise was only half an hour after sunset, so there would still be a decent amount of light to get some nice shots. Well, I was out there as well. I discovered a great spot high up on a hill that would have a nice foreground element (a tree) and a view right to the horizon so I could get some shots of the moonrise as it appeared, when the moon looks larger and is often coloured pale yellow or orange.

But, alas, complete cloud cover. Moonrise came and went, but, sadly, the cloud didn't. So I tried again the next night. Same again. Sadly, the moon didn't hit my eye. Drat and double drat, as they say in Wacky Races.

So I turned the camera round and saw these trees, lined up in a row, and as the light faded I took some images. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you've got.

Here are two versions - one colour and one black and white. Which do you prefer?