Fast Falls the Eventide...

Waterhead, Lake Windermere

Is there such a thing as a perfect end to a day? I'm not sure there is, but if there is, this image might just portray it. With the sun setting over Lake Windermere in the Lake District, producing a dazzling array of colours from bright yellows to deep reds and blues and everything in between, the swan decided to serenely swim by. Is there any bird that looks as beautiful as a swan? I think it's all to do with the neck. If there was only a little, stubby neck they wouldn't look nearly as majestic as they do.

The lake was flat calm that evening and the reflections of the swan and the boats just added to the serenity of the moment. Soon the sun was gone, the swan had moved on, and the night fell. But in that moment, the day seemed to have a perfect end.