The Day Thou Gavest...

There's something about watching the sun set over the sea. On a summers evening overlooking the Mediterranean from Paphos, Cyprus, with the intense heat of the day subsided to a 'nice' level, the warm breeze coming off the sea, and the waves gently lapping against the rocks, could it be any more idyllic? (Well, maybe a white, sandy beach and a few baying palm trees, but that's a different holiday!).

Watching the colours change as the sun lowers in the sky, you're sometimes treated to a virtual spectrum, often mirrored on the sea. The presence of clouds can have a dramatic effect as the sunlight catches their edges, creating that golden lining, and allowing the sun's rays to beam like torchlight through the darkening sky. And just when you think it's all over, when the sun has passed below the horizon, you're sometimes treated to the most intense colours of deep pinks and reds or yellows and oranges.

It's no wonder it's called the 'Golden Hour', and it's easy to see why in early civilisation the rising and setting of the sun were treated with such significance. Maybe we've lost some of that in our busy lives, but sometimes it's good to just stop and drink it all in.