Stack to the max...

This image was taken using a technique called focus stacking. When taking a close-up photograph the in-focus depth of field is compressed, resulting in parts of the image being blurred. Focus stacking is a way to get everything in the image in focus.

It requires multiple pictures to be taken, and on each one the point of focus is changed so that each part of the thing you are photographing has at least one image where that part is in focus. In the case of this image, I took 20 images, varying the point of focus on each one. Having the camera fixed and steady on a tripod is a must for this type of shot.

The images are then combined using software to create a single image where everything - hopefully! - is in focus.

Now, this is my first attempt using this technique, and this image is not perfect. There are a couple of petals that I didn't quite get, but I learned some good lessons. And although I do like close-up images where there are parts of the image that are blurred, I'll be taking more images using this technique.